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Appointment Policy

  • To reserve an appointment for a permanent cosmetic procedure, a $100 non-refundable booking fee is required (no exceptions). The fee holds your desired date/time and will be applied toward the cost of the procedure.

  • Pregnant or nursing women or anyone under the age of 18 will not be considered for tattooing. Please advise prior to booking if any of these apply.

  • ​Come by yourself. Please do not bring guest/children to appointment(s).

  • ​​If an appointment must be rescheduled, 48-hour notice is required in order to fill the opening in the schedule. The booking fee will be applied toward the rescheduled appointment. However, if you fail to reschedule within 48 hours at your appointed time, the booking fee will be forfeited. Also, 50% of the cost of the procedure will be due at the time of booking your rescheduled appointment time. This is non-refundable. Please understand that time is reserved for you, and we need sufficient notice to fill the schedule.

  • Lateness of more than 15 minutes will be subjected to a $25 fee. No shows or cancellations (including rescheduling) less than 24 hours prior to appointment will be subjected to a $50 fee.

  • Clients who no-show without any explanation will be denied of any service(s) moving forward.

New PMU Procedure(s):


  • The first visit of the process is the Base session. The follow-up visit is known as the Fine-Tuning session. As the names imply, the Base session accomplishes the basic design and color saturation, and the Fine-Tuning session addresses perfection by focusing on balance, symmetry, and detail of the healed result. There is no charge for the Fine-Tuning session as long as it is scheduled within 6-10 weeks of the initial visit.

  • Any cancellation/rescheduling of a Fine-Tuning session is required 48 hours in advance. If you fail to reschedule within 48 hours and/or no-show at your appointed time, the complimentary Fine-Tuning session is forfeited and a charge of $75 per follow-up along with the $50 cancellation fee will be required at the time of booking.


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